Ensemble adapts in an ever-evolving market through its expertise in acquiring, developing and managing hospitality assets. Enjoying a long-standing history of delivering superior hotels over a variety of product types and markets, Ensemble has established itself as an industry leader. Adept at selecting the ideal partner to create the most appropriate project in a given market, we have fostered partnerships with global hospitality brands including Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt. Our portfolio currently consists of 13 hotels encompassing over 2,200 rooms, equating to hotel real estate value in excess of $950 million.

Courtyard Marriott.

Ensemble Hospitality

Delivering superior Hotels, Ensemble is now blending sophistication and simplicity to make way for an unforgettable stay. Our mission is to ensure a guest experience at our Hotel is nothing short of exceptional, while increasing asset value for our investors. Our success is built on precious trust and loyalty. We nurture our partnerships like family, with depth and understanding, so that we grow with our clients, our employees and the communities in which they reside. Our innovative strategies managing revenue and addressing market conditions are efficient and straightforward. You’ll have access to our diversely talented team with the experience needed to optimize your business goals. We understand each property is as unique as its owner, which is why we prioritize support and communication so you’re in sync with everything we do. Through this process, we reach new heights by customizing solutions towards outstanding guest experiences and financial success.

Hotel Management Services

  • Recruitment, onboarding and training of Executive Management team, specifically General Manager and Director of Sales
  • Facilitate required Brand training
  • Complete brand-required pre-opening checklists and tests for an effective, efficient hotel opening and operation
  • Preparation of pre-opening budget and technical services
  • Establish staffing model for the Hotel
  • Develop the food & beverage vision and strategy for the outlet and catering operations
  • Conduct market analysis to understand demand generators, competitive set properties and establish sales strategies
  • Development and management of operating and capital budget
  • Corporate oversight of sales & marketing, revenue management, e-commerce, IT support, human resources, food & beverage and engineering
  • Leadership development and training programs
  • IT support and solutions
  • Associate recruitment and onboarding
  • Daily and monthly financial reporting and audits
  • Food & beverage operations
  • Management of other operating departments such as spa, parking, retail, fitness and recreational services
  • Preventative maintenance program
  • Guest service training programs
  • Rooms-related productivity initiatives
  • Develop and implement group and transient demand strategies
  • Provide e-commerce support and strategy
  • Develop and mentor property revenue management teams
  • Recruitment and on-going training of key revenue management candidates
  • Use transient key indicators to identify trends to develop future revenue opportunities
  • Managing and maximizing all revenue systems to drive revenue
  • Proactively identify opportunities to drive ancillary revenues, including but not limited to spa, F&B, meeting and events and electronic distribution
  • Analyze STR to maximize market index
  • Oversee creation of strategic plan to include pricing and market mix strategies and annual budgets
  • Monitor and optimization of all distribution channels and platforms
  • Oversee RFP processes
  • Operational management
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Operating pro forma modeling
  • Concept development and design
  • Individualized, hotel-specific beverage programs
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Menu development
  • Social media & marketing / promotions
  • Labor and expense management
  • Purchasing oversight
  • Long-term property maintenance and capital expenditure planning
  • Property positioning and renovation strategy
  • Asset capital strategy – debt & equity
  • Lender relations and compliance
  • Investor reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Legal and litigation support
  • Long-Term Investment Planning & Market Valuations
  • Owner-level accounting, including tax support and compliance
  • Labor relations management
  • Insurance coverage and servicing
  • Property tax assessments
  • Hotel marketing and advertising initiatives development
  • Management of brand and individual property promotions
  • Public relations
  • Develop and execute customer acquisition and retention marketing programs, web-based, database and direct to consumer marketing
  • Manage all digital marketing initiatives
  • Social media channels and metrics management
  • Signature and brand website management
  • Manage partner agencies on multi-channel paid media strategy, including PPC, DRM, display, social media, ad copy, headlines, site links, etc.
  • Create and monitor SEO strategy including content marketing
  • Management of content across core OTA and top search sites
  • Recruitment and ongoing training for all property-based sales and marketing personnel
  • Annual sales and marketing and plan oversight
  • Compensation management
  • Establish standard policies and procedures
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Labor-relations
  • Associate training and development
  • Safety training programs
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Risk management: general liability, worker’s compensation, OSHA and immigration
  • Technology and reporting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Legal compliance
  • Wellness programs
  • Oversee annual budget process
  • Provide a web-based product for financials and data access
  • Management of procurement process
  • Annual internal control audit services
  • Comprehensive month-end and year-end reporting
  • Capital plan management
  • Set up maintenance of bank accounts
  • Sale and use tax processing and reporting
  • Insurance procurement and management
  • Standards and compliance
  • Cost control analysis

Development Services

  • Internally bid, vet and recommend project architects, engineers and consultants
  • Assist Owner in interviewing and selecting best-suited brand for the property, including guidance when executing franchise agreements
  • Perform and compile findings from comprehensive market and property diligence, including environmental and geotechnical reports, survey and title, historical records, zoning standards, a survey of competitive supply, market conditions, finance-ability, etc.
  • Monitor pre-construction and design process with project architects, engineers and consultants
  • Ensure project design is in compliance with various brand/franchise standards when applicable, including coordination with appropriate architects, engineers and consultants
  • Collaborate with interior design consultants, franchise and management to develop interior design and branding concepts for the property
  • An agreed upon number of site visits and onsite meetings with project team members
  • In-depth investment underwriting including development budget, forecasts operating performance and projected Owner returns
  • Assist in procuring debt and equity for the project
  • Routinely monitor construction process to ensure compliance with brand standards and construction documents
  • Routine communication and status reports with project team members
  • Monthly development reporting outlining progress to date and variance from original budget and timeline
  • Collaborate with the construction team and Owner to make decisions regarding value engineering, the development timeline, change orders and similar matters that impact the quality, cost and timeliness of the project
  • Coordination with bank, Ownership and general contractor




Ensemble conceives and builds context-responsive urban residential communities that provide inspiring places for people to live, work, learn and play.

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Life Science/ Commercial

Years of developing, owning and managing office and multi-use properties set Ensemble apart, enabling us to deliver environments that enhance the user experience.

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The Navy Yard

Ensemble is creating an enduring legacy at the Navy Yard, a legacy comprised of a collection of projects which are enriching and connecting the fabric of Philadelphia.

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