Parcel 24 – Tasman East
Santa Clara, CA

Ensemble has entitled and obtained City Council approval for a 150-unit 100% affordable housing project that fulfills Ensemble’s affordable housing requirement for four of its projects in the district.

Ensemble sold the 150-unit project to affordable developer USA Properties Fund, retaining ownership of 5,000 square feet of retail in the project, along with control of the front-facing 9,000 square feet of pedestrian paseo and activity area. Currently, the retail component is programmed for a tenant such as a brewery/food restaurant and will include outdoor dining. Ensemble continues to consult with USA Properties on the development.

The project is in part being financed by Google’s Affordable Housing Fund. In addition, Ensemble, Related, and USA Properties Fund worked with the City to fulfill Related’s affordable housing requirement in the District with this project.
150 Units | Under Construction