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April Face of Ensemble – Robert Mazakis, CPA



The April Face of Ensemble is our Senior Vice President/Controller (Phoenix Corporate Office), Robert!


When did you join Ensemble and what do you do?

I joined Ensemble about a year ago after being contacted by a recruiter.  Although it seems like it has been limited to interviewing, hiring and firing accounting personnel, my job is actually to run the accounting department here in Phoenix and in Long Beach.


What do you like most about working at Ensemble?

The group of people that I see when I walk in every morning is my favorite part of the job.  There is a great energy to that group and I really enjoy seeing how they work together.


Why or how did you get into your current line of work?

I started initially as an economics major in college, but switched to accounting for practical purposes because I had no idea what I would do when I received an economics degree.  During my first accounting class in college, all my friends had issues following it and I had no problems with it, so I thought it was something I might have a competitive advantage with.  All of my professional life has been spent in accounting.


Where did you grow up and what was your first job?

I grew up  in Phoenix.  My first job was at a movie theater during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school.  After a stellar performance that included hitting and knocking over a 70 year old man with a door and spilling a 5 gallon drum of popcorn oil, I don’t think they were sad to see me go back to school at the end of the summer.


What do you do for fun after work?

My wife loves the Phoenix Suns so I end up watching a lot of basketball on television and in person.  We also like to go to comedy clubs and plan one international trip each year to get away for a bit.


What is your favorite or most memorable vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot is Paris.  By the end of most vacations I am tired and very ready to get back home, but I didn’t want to leave Paris.  I would have been happy to continue wandering around the streets for another month or two.