Kristin Calle Photo

September Face of Ensemble – Kristin Calle



The September Face of Ensemble is our Property Development Accountant (Phoenix Corporate Office), Kristin Calle.


When did you join Ensemble and what do you do?

I joined Ensemble in May 2017. I am a Project Development Accountant, working with Peggy and Randy McPherson. I also work as the TI Admin with the Phoenix and Las Vegas Property Management teams.


What do you like most about working at Ensemble?

The people. Ensemble is such a great team, from the top down.


Why or how did you get into your current line of work?

I’ve worked in Construction and Property Management for 24 years. My knack for accounting and attention to detail was recognized early on by my former Controller and CFO and, before I knew it, I was working alongside the CFO and learning all facets of construction accounting, from general ledger and job cost to financial reporting and budgeting.


Where did you grow up and what was your first job?

I am an Arizona native, born and raised in the Valley of the Sun. My first job was at 14, working for tips at the Sedona Car Wash while spending the summers with my Dad. My first paycheck came from Footlocker at Paradise Valley Mall.


What do you do for fun after work?

Evenings and weekends are family time. We all enjoy music, TV and movies, and look forward to cooler weather when we can spend more time outdoors.  We also enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.


What is your favorite or most memorable vacation spot?

We are all Disnerds (they get it from me) so our (my) favorite place is Disneyland, but our most memorable vacation was our road trip to upstate New York by way of Mt. Rushmore. We have family from New Mexico to New York and often our vacations are centered around visiting them.