Canyon Springs
Medical Plaza

Gilbert, AZ

Healthcare | past


Project overview

As a part of Banner Health System’s East Valley expansion in 2006, Banner contracted with Ensemble Real Estate Solutions to provide development, management and leasing services for the first medical office building on the new Banner Gateway Medical Center campus. The four-story building, totaling 97,800 gross square feet and 91,957 of rentable square feet was completed on schedule and on budget in 2007. Ensemble provided the initial design program from which the architect developed the construction and engineering plans. Ensemble was also responsible for all aspects of the financial structure for the project.


During the initial project discussions, it was determined that some of Banner Gateway’s on-staff surgeons would be housed in the new building and would need to anchor the first floor. In addition, the overall design and construction of the building needed to be economical in order to offer competitive leasing rates to physicians accustomed to lower lease rates from older facilities. Banner Gateway’s on-staff surgeons worked together with Ensemble to place specialty uses, such as an ambulatory surgery center and diagnostic imaging suites to anchor the first floor. At the time of completion, a prominent orthopedic group, combined several offices and occupied approximately 25% of the leasable space in the building.

Canyon Springs Medical Plaza


This project had many interesting challenges and opportunities, requiring creative solutions and steady coordination from Ensemble to ensure the design team and the general contractor worked together in an effective manner. A unique aspect of working in the city of Gilbert is the process for building inspections, which needed to be conducted through contracted independent agents. Ensemble worked with these agents to carefully ensure their requirements were completed in a timely manner. During construction of the Canyon Springs Medical Plaza, the new Banner Gateway Medical Center was also under construction. Taking into consideration that the new hospital was on the same campus, it was critical for Ensemble to maintain close communication with the hospital’s contractor and the management team from Banner Health to effectively coordinate throughout the building schedule.


The ambulatory surgery center, among other specialty needs required by the surgeons, posed some unique design considerations. Ensemble worked closely with the architect to design the first floor, with space that extended outside of the building’s footprint, to ensure the building met the required vertical separation for occupancy. Another unique design solution came in the form of Tilt-Up panels, which reduced construction costs by allowing for speedy construction, low maintenance, and durability. The Canyon Springs Medical Plaza opened in 2007, and was ninety-percent leased six months prior to completion.