Houston, TX

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Project overview

The Diagnostic Affiliates Offices is a 40,733 SF MOB built near the Kingwood Medical Center Campus in Kingwood, Texas. Ensemble partnered with Rowland Constructors, Inc. to develop this project dealing with all aspects of development including Entitlement, Permitting, Design, Construction, Leasing and Building Management. The building’s immediate neighbors include the largest Houston Cancer Care center, Memorial Health Systems ASC, and the new Berkeley Eye Center. Several well-established medical practices anchor the project, which was 85% pre-leased prior to the start of construction. A good variety of practices and specialties comprise the tenant pool, each with their own specific design requirements. The efficient building maximizes rentable square footage while providing an inviting and comfortable space for the physicians and patients.

Diagnostic Affiliates Offices

Challenges & Solutions

Financing with current market conditions was a challenge, but Ensemble was able to secure both the debt and equity sources for the project. Working closely with a regional bank in Houston, the construction loan was successfully administered. Construction through the rainy season is always a challenge, but this project had to weather one of the rainiest months on record in Houston. Rowland tried to protect the finish grade for the slab, but could not keep the water out all month. In the end, the dirt had to be injected with lime to dry out and the slab then re-cut. This setback posed a challenge to the schedule but the team pushed forward.

Initially, another developer had led Barrow Neurosurgical Associates to believe that a 40,000 to 60,000 square foot building could be constructed on the site, complete with underground parking. Ensemble helped them understand the realities of the situation and helped them focus on a building that would meet all of their needs.