Auburn Regional
Medical Plaza

Seattle, WA

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Project overview

The Auburn Regional Medical Plaza is a 43,900 square foot medical office building, with a 305 stall parking structure, built on the Auburn Regional Medical Center Campus in Auburn, Washington. Ensemble was selected by Universal Health Services (UHS) to handle all aspects of development including entitlement, permitting, design, construction, leasing and building management. UHS initially hired a design firm to conduct all aspects of the development and they had been working with the City of Auburn for nearly two years. UHS hired Ensemble to analyze and overhaul the current project to bring it back on track.

Auburn Regional Medical Plaza


It was clear from the start that the previous design had significant flaws including traffic flow, accessibility, and constructability. Thus, the project was significantly behind schedule when Ensemble was asked to take over. In order to meet the revised schedule, Ensemble went forward with a design-build contract working with the City of Auburn to get building permits approved in segments as the project moved forward. Construction costs in the region also posed a challenge as initial estimates were over $200 per square foot which was greater than UHS’s budget.


Ensemble scrapped the previous plans and started the entire project over. As a result, the team was able to design and build a medical office building and parking structure that better met the needs of the Hospital in regard to both the schedule and rental rates. The design-build approach allowed the project to be completed within the schedule and reduce the cost significantly by allowing the lease rates to be set at a market rate.