3rd + Pacific

Long Beach, CA

Multifamily | future

345 Units


Project overview

The proposed 3rd+Pacific project is a mixed-use development consisting of 345 residential units and 16,000 square feet of retail commercial space. The development proposes two buildings–a 23-story high rise building at the south portion of the site, and an 8-story building at the north end of the property. Both buildings offer ground floor retail, with apartments rising above. A proposed pedestrian-focused paseo re-envisions the existing alley and energizes the space between the two buildings. Parking for the site will be provided via two levels of underground parking for each building. The north building also has one level of parking at grade, and a second-floor parking level. The high rise building features four additional parking above the ground floor, extending from the second through fifth floors.


The project was developed in accordance with the Downtown Plan design guidelines and combines bold architecture with an enhanced pedestrian experience in using varied materials, massing, active uses at the perimeter of the ground floor and in a central paseo.